5 in 1 Workshop - Introduction to Dairy Goats & Bee Keeping, Milking, Cheese & Soap Making and Alpaca Wool processing

If you are interested in running dairy goats on your smaller farm for the purpose of enjoying some fantastic fresh milk, cheese and even soap, made from your own goats milk, this workshop is perfect for you.
To be hosted by Win’s Creek Meadery in Murrumbateman, only 30 min drive from Canberra CBD, this 4-hour work shop will include:
interactive session on goat farming
practice session milking a goat
lunch at Win’s Creek Meadery featuring goat cheese and honey pizza
interactive session on cheese making fundamentals
interactive session on goat milk soap making
complimentary goat milk soaps
other goodies
During this the workshop you will:
Learn about benefits of running goats on your small farm including products you may be able to produce for your family using your own goats milk
Discover various dairy goat breeds, specifically those that are most suitable for smaller farms
Equip yourself with an understanding of small scale goat dairy farming requirements including paddocks, fencing, other required facilities and biosecurity regime
Learn about goat husbandry, feeding, health management and reproduction
Gain an understanding of relevant regulatory frameworks
Gain practical skills of milking a goat
Learn about the principles of cheese making including practical advice on two of the most popular goat cheeses
Learn a simple method of producing goat milk soap
Registration fees
This comprehensive workshop including lunch, goat milk soaps and other goodies is available for $349 incl GST.
About the organiser:
Babylon Farm is a working dairy goat farm in Murrumbateman, owners Bob and Maria will share their experience and practical tips.
Your host:
Win’s Creek Meadery offers gourmet pizzas and platters focused on regional, free-range produce and, of course honey. Gourmet honey products, handmade ceramics, beeswax candles, and giftware from local artists. Win’s Creek Meadery is also home to Bindaree Bee Supplies. They have all the bits and pieces needed by apiarists, from industry information to hives, bees and courses.

Babylon Farm Goat Milk Soap

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